Recruitment Fraud Alert

We would like to bring to your attention that Seagate Technology has an extensive screening process for employee recruitment. Be aware that fraudulent job opportunities for employment are on the rise and scammers have been reported to post fake job offers to obtain personal information or money from applicants.  

Please stay alert and know that Seagate Technology will never charge or accept any monetary amount from applicants during our recruitment process. Do your research before applying and verify the source legitimacy by visiting Seagate Careers' official webpage at  

Disclaimer: How to Identify and Avoid Recruitment Fraud 

1. Seagate Technology Talent Acquisition Team corresponds from email addresses with the domain and Generic email ID ending with Gmail/Yahoo, or any other domains are likely to be false job advertisement unconnected to Seagate. 

2. Seagate Technology Talent Acquisition Team does not request or require personal documents similar but not limited to bank account details, social security number, driver's license ID, tax forms, or credit card information as part of our hiring process. 

3. Seagate Technology will never request money from applicants for job opportunities at any point.  

4. Seagate Technology hiring process involves at least one face-to-face interview either virtually or at one of our global offices. We will not request an interview on any instant messaging applications. 

If you believe you have been a victim of recruitment fraud, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance. 

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